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Hello, Stranger

Where do you go when the storms go blue?

Storms Go Blue
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This is my rileygrl and now toughpuppy's icon journal. It's in community format because logging in and out is a pain, as most iconers know. Since this is still a icon journal but is in community format, I will be the only person with posting access. But, feel free to join or friend the community. Also, feel free to comment. Comments are a good thing for icon makers.

stormsgoblue was actually supposed to be called something else, but as that name was taken, I plugged in another word that was in the same area of my original community name, and ta da! stormsgoblue was born!

This community and it's icons will focus heavily on General Hospital, Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, and a few other shows thrown in between. As well as icons of various actresses/actors, singers, etc. I've been breaking into more shows as the weeks go on, so expect some variety as well.

I may take absences every so often from the livejournal world, but I will always be back! So, please check in often as there will be something new every week! And comment! Comments are a defiant must that all icon makers crave.

Just a few short rules, nothing to drastic.

[x]Comment - I like comments. They encourage me to make more icons. Yes, I will still make icons without comments, because I like to, but comments are a good thing for an icon maker. They are also a great way for me to know where my icons are going. So, comment! A lot!

[x]Credit - This one's pretty obvious. If you are going to use/are using my icons, credit me! A lot of time and effort goes into making any icon, and it would be nice to be recognized for my time and effort. Also, it's basic common curtsey. Credit under stormsgoblue only. If you don't know how to credit icons in keywords, go here to merky's tutorial on crediting. Credit for icons are to be in the keywords. Anything else can be credited in the userinfo. Every month I will do a members check to make sure that all credits are in place.

[x]No Hotlinking - This one is important. Hotlinking eats up bandwidth. And that eats up money. So, if you take an icon save it to your own computer! If you have nowhere to upload it, I suggest photobucket.com, as their free and it's easy to use. If you are found to be hotlinking, don't be surprised if your image is changed into something nasty and horrific, that would completely embarrass you and show that you are a hotlinker.

[x]Editing - There will be times when I will post bases which can be edited. Those times, and those times only, will there be a notice that bases are editable. Otherwise, all other textless icons are just that icons. Not bases.When posted each icon is a finished product. Unless otherwise noted icons are not to be edited!

[x]Common Curtsey - Do NOT claim my icons, bases, headers, etc as your own! You must give credit! Icons, bases, headers, etc are not to be posted on any website unless you are given permission.

[x]Enjoy - All the graphics here are for everyone's use and enjoyment. Comment, take, enjoy!

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