Riley (rileygrl) wrote in stormsgoblue,

Member's Only!

This community is members only. Why? It's easier this way to keep track of where my icons and graphics go. But, given that this is a community, you don't need to comment to be added. All I ask is that you read the rules, info, and faq, all of which are linked to the right, before joining or after joining. As long as you read the rules and follow them, there should be no problems! New members always welcome! To join, click here! Or go to the user info and click the click to join! Please know that this community is a personal graphics community, meaning that I will be the only one with posting access. But, I encourage everyone and anyone to join, share, and comment!!!
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hey can i join?
No need to ask! All you have to do is go to the user info and click the click to join link!