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PSP 9 - How To Make A Blend (Using The Eraser Tool)

Been awhile hasn't it? LOL. RL and other things have been unavoidable and I haven't really had the chance to make icons or much of anything else. That and my muse, though wanting to make icons, is shot. :( Anyway, I do come with an update. I made up this tutorial for a friend and figured hey I'll post it here too! LOL.

How To Make A Blend (Using The Eraser Tool)Using the following steps you can create a blended banner, like this one here or the header used in this community, by using the eraser tool.

Step 1: Choose the amount of pictures and pictures that you want to use. I chose 4 Kristen Bell pictures, which don't all have the same kind of background, for the banner I'm making. Open all 4 pictures your going to be using.

Step 2: Go to File >>> New and create a new transperant workspace. I usually pick between 600-700 for the width to give me some room to work with and then between 175-275 for the height. You can see all the other settings in the image below:

Step 3: Then I crop and resize the pictures how I want them. I usually only resize with the height, leaving the width alone, as there is a lot of room to work with. I also usually make the height a couple pixels higher then the height of the blank canvas is. In this case, the blank canvas height is 275, so I resize the pictures to about 280. Resize all the pictures to the same height size.

Step 4: At this point I recommend arranging the pictures in the order of how you're going to have them appear in the banner. Makes it easier. I usually do that.

Step 5: Now I take the first picture I want to appear in the banner and I copy, Ctrl+C, and Paste as New Layer, Edit >>> Paste >>> Paste as New Layer OR Ctrl+L, onto the blank canvas.

Step 6: Then I select the next picture I want to use in the banner and do the same with that picture as Step 5.

Step 7: After pasting the second picture as a new layer, I position it how I want it on the banner. At this point the second picture is over laying the first one, which is exactly what you want.

Step 8: This is what my history and layers look like at this point. Your's should mirror them.

Step 9: Then I select the eraser tool. I usually have the hardness set to 0, becuase it's the faintest setting, which makes the blending look more clean. The size depends on how much you want to take away at a time. I usually start big, maybe 30-40, and then when I go back to clean up what the 30-40 size was too big for, I lower the size to 10-20.

Step 10: Then you start erasing.

Right clicking erases the first layer

Left clicking erases the second layer.

Step 11: Then you just erase until you get the look your looking for. I do the same steps for the last 2 pictures I want to add to the banner. And this is what I ended up with.

Step 12: Finally, you crop the the whole banner to get rid of the excess blank canvas and to clean it up how you want it.

Then you can add coloring, text, etc, from there, being sure to Merge All Flatten, before adding your coloring, text, etc. And this is what I ended up with.

Any questions feel free to leave a comment!
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