Riley (rileygrl) wrote in stormsgoblue,

FAQ Post

1.Do you take requests?

No. That's the short answer. The long answer is depends. If you check the community regularly you may possibily catch a post allowing requests, but those will probably be few and far between. Why? Again, short answer is I just don't have the time. Long answer is, when ever I take requests I notice that the requestors more times then not provide unusable pictures that are extremely hard to work with. If and when I do take requests, I ask that you provide good pictures. They don't have to be high quality, but if you can barely make them out, or if it doesn't look like I can work with it, don't post it as a request. If your unsure, ask! There's no harm in that. But, I will warn you, if you post a picture I know I can't work with, I won't do your request. I'm not trying to me mean that's just how I feel. If I know I can't do my best with the icon, and that the icon won't turn out great, I won't do it. Sorry.

2.What programs do you use?
For everything graphic, I use Paint Shop Pro 9 (at times 7) and Animation Shop 3.

3.Where do you get your brushes, fonts, textures, etc from?
Please check the resources post for that information.

4.How do I join this community? Can you add me?
No need to ask me to add you! This is an open membership community. That means all you have to do is go to the information page, and click "join this community." And then you'll be added to the members list and you will be able to comment.

5.Can we be affilates?
Check this post for that information.

6.Can I nominate your icons at award communities?
Yes! That's no problem at all. Just drop me a comment to let me know where you nominated me. As you have probably seen, I keep track of all my awards!

7.Where can I find old icons/tutorials/etc?
Any and all graphics/tutorials/etc can be found in the memories
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